The Sandwich Challenge

What a great week we have had in Year 5 working on PERSUASION … The class were divided into 4 teams of 4 (yes! only 16 in my class :)) and the task was to design and create a sandwich to be ‘sold’ in school. Excellent work from all teams with super posters, research and costing … with very TASTY butties made for all … SUBWAY look out! Watch the video and rate please.

Mr C

Sandwich Challenge from Paul Cowburn on Vimeo.

Healthy eating

People today are still obeeste beacause they need your help and if you do posters it might tell you not to eat a lot of sugar,it will make your teeth black and if you eat fruit then you will grow big and strong and you sude exersise one a day .

Are you heathly?

Do you want to be heathly? are you heathly if your not your probaly not eating alot of vegetables and fruit.You also have to do alot of exsize to be fit at least half an hour of exasize a day to be  fit. If you eat lots of junck food you will come obice and not live for that long.

The Beach

On the second day we were their I woke up all my friends in the morning they were tired so much.Then suddenly sir came in and said rise and shine breakfast in twenty minutes.We asked what time it was it was 7.00am in the morning but I wasn’t that tired.We had breakfast then we got our gear and drove to the beach we climbed walls and had dinner then played in the sand we were going to go for a paddle in the sea but miss thought we din’t deserve to.

Healthy Eating

we are learning about healthy eating as you well know but i have learnt a lot of new things like eating chocolate, chips, mc donalds ,takeaway, and lots different food that you might eat all that food isn’t healthy for your body, but if your a vegetarian it is okay because you only eat vegetables not meat and chocolate.